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Basement Windows


Basement windows, often called hopper windows, are a great option for small wall spaces. As basements are known for being dark and damp, these windows provide natural light and much-needed airflow. In addition to comfort, this style provides extra security to keep your home safe.


Basement windows are the perfect cross between privacy, convenience and comfort. Rectangular in shape and small in size, they have a single sash hinged at the bottom that tilts open inward making them very easy to clean. The window screen is located on the exterior, keeping bugs and debris outside and fresh air inside. Locks are located on the top of the window keeping them safe and secure, along with an optional patterned privacy glass treatment as an additional safety feature.


  • Improves natural light and ventilation
  • Adds design appeal to normally dreary basements
  • Single sash opens inward for convenient cleaning
  • Security features including privacy glass treatments and safety locking mechanism
  • Energy efficient construction and installation

Total Remodeling Systems windows elevate your basement from a neglected space to an inviting area you can be proud of. They enhance a room’s comfort and appeal by letting in the natural light and fresh air that can make a considerable difference. Advanced security features also ensure the safety of your home. Whether you’re re-doing your basement space or simply looking for an upgrade, replacement windows are a great choice.


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