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Bay Windows


Known for creating an exceptional focal point, bay windows are unique in that they extend beyond the exterior of your home. The structure consists of several windows including a large picture window in the center flanked by smaller windows on both sides. These smaller windows can range in size and type, with popular choices like double hung, casement or fixed. Because of the multi-piece design, they are easily customizable for your home’s specific style.


Most of these replacement styles feature one large picture window in the center with smaller ones on each side. Depending on your choice of windows, operation styles can vary. As the windows extend beyond your home’s wall, a ledge area or bay seat is created allowing for additional seating or decorative purposes.


  • Convenient ledge area for decorating or additional seating
  • Unobstructed view from center picture window
  • Optional ventilation from flanking windows
  • Beautiful, modern aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Energy efficient construction and installation

The versatility and attractive design of this Total Remodeling Systems replacement window option makes it the perfect statement piece and allows you and guests to take in a great view while also accenting the front of your home. Bring the your woodsy Shenandoah County view in, soak up your view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and enjoy looking at Lake Holiday from indoors. Common rooms for this style includes kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and dens; however, they can accent nearly any room. The convenience of a small added ledge provides additional seating or a shelf for room decorations.

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