How to Enjoy Your Sunroom in the Fall

Sure, sunroom has the word “sun” in it, but that doesn’t mean you can only enjoy your indoor/outdoor space in summer! In fact, viewing sunsets and nighttime starry skies, as well as fall days with beautiful, color-changing leaves is a great way to make the most of your sunroom space.

Enjoy Crisp Weather, Starry Skies & Changing Fall Leaves in Your Sunroom

Here in the Richmond and DC areas, we have lots of mild days during fall, and with evenings in the 40-degree range, you can still spend time in your sunroom. The more full-featured your all-season (or 3-season) room is, however, the simpler arranging fall adventures can be. With sunroom climate-control, insulated glass walls, and high tech adjustable lighting, sunroom time can feel just like living room time—with a much better view and ambiance. Even if your sunroom is simply an enclosed porch, just throw on a jacket and bring a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog to warm your hands, and enjoy your sunroom space almost anytime.

Decorate with Fall Warmth & Texture

  • Add warm, cushy fall décor: Use warm autumn colors (orange, yellow, red, chestnut brown, etc.) as sunroom décor this season. Add upholstered furniture and a cozy rug for a comfy experience. Decorative pillows and enveloping throws also help take your sunroom into fall.
  • Consider using wicker chairs: If your sunroom is only screened-in, these can be cozy and weather-resistant when you add outdoor cushions, all-weather end tables and outdoor rug(s).
  • Use warm visual cues of the season: Pumpkins look right at home in fall sunrooms, as do bright, easy-care mums in vases or baskets. You can also incorporate acorns, fall leaves and dried corn for rustic, homey texture.
  • Add faux candles and lantern lighting: Use more and brighter lighting for a party vibe and lower lights for relaxing or romantic evenings under the stars in your fall sunroom.

Host Holiday Parties, Enjoy Family Bonding & Make Alone-time Amazing

  • Let your holiday-specific decorating creativity run wild: Your sunroom is a great place to celebrate any/every holiday, giving you a large space to hang décor for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Year’s. Holiday entertaining is extra-special with a nearly 360-degree view that makes you and your guests feel joyous.
  • Transform into Thanksgiving dining space: Bring out a dining table and chairs (moving other sunroom furniture away or stowing in the basement temporarily). You can serve formally, or have guests fill their plates from a buffet-style spread on side tables or in the kitchen before coming out. You can also do a non-holiday family dinner, just to enjoy a special meal together, in a unique and comfortable natural setting.
  • Sing carols: Instead of walking the neighborhood, warm your hearts by singing together in your 3-season room while the stars are out. Not in the mood for a party? This makes a nice family evening activity you can do together anytime, with or without a holiday theme. Guitars and harmonicas also welcome.
  • Watch a heart-warming movie or read a page-turner: With family, your partner, or by yourself, especially in the evening, your 3-season room makes for a cozy, memorable venue to get drawn into a moving story.

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