Casement Windows


Total Remodeling Systems casement windows combine functionality with beauty and style. These projection-style windows open with a hand crank from the left or right side up to 90 degrees to provide maximum air ventilation. The sleek and slim design allows for more glass area and less frame and sash so the window focuses on delivering the best sight lines.

Whether you want the windows opened just a sliver for some cool air, or opened fully for a refreshing breeze from Lake Holiday, casement windows pivot with ease and accuracy on stainless steel hinges. As the only type of window that opens completely, this style is a great option for those who want a lot of air movement inside. The outside sash is attractively contoured to continue the pleasing aesthetics to the exterior of your home and a warm-edge spacer system maintains consistent temperatures even at the window’s edges. ENERGY STAR glass packages are available and the sash on this style forms a complete seal around the window frame when closed, it is one of the most energy efficient replacement window types.


The easy-to-operate design of casement windows is great for replacing windows in hard-to-reach spaces in the home. Other common home applications include bedrooms, sunrooms, and kitchens.


  • Ample ventilation and natural light
  • Easy open and close with a single, discrete handle crank
  • Accessibility from inside the home for effortless cleaning
  • Slim frame design for greatest total glass area
  • Thermal efficiency

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