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Crane Siding in Richmond, VA

Whether you’re installing siding for the first time on new construction, remodeling aging siding that’s started to fail, or simply looking for an upgrade to your home’s protection against the elements, choosing the right siding for the job should be a high priority. To that end, Total Remodeling Systems offers Crane Siding products, unique siding options from a top-notch manufacturer.

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What Is Crane Siding?

With a history dating back to early mono-extruded siding in the 1950s, Crane Siding is a respected manufacturer of cutting-edge premium vinyl siding, with a number of different styles produced with the finest modern techniques and materials. Crane Siding has a long history of product innovation, resulting in sturdy, dependable, and gorgeous siding options that are suitable in a variety of residential applications.

Siding Options With Crane Siding

With Crane Siding, you can choose from three general product categories, before drilling down into style and other fine details. These products are:

Insulated Siding

Vinyl siding with rigid-foam insulation material attached to the back improves the R-value of the installation and thus improves your siding’s ability to keep heat inside of your home or out of it, as the season dictates. All things equal, insulated siding is a more expensive product in the short term, but may save you money through reduced energy costs in the long term. Crane Siding product lines include Crane Board 6 and Crane Board 7 for simpler classic looks, Oracle for a wood grain aesthetic, and Crane Board and Batten for a detail-focused design.

Traditional Siding

Traditional vinyl siding lacks the added insulating materials of insulated siding, but is an inexpensive solution to beautifying your home while still providing significant protection against the elements. If your home already has high R-value insulation installed in the walls, traditional siding may be a smart, inexpensive choice. For traditional siding, Crane Siding offers three styles: beaded Carolina Sands, low-luster cedar-grain Park View, and the simple aesthetics of American Dream Edge.

Shake Siding

A textured style of siding made up of distinct shingles of material, shake siding offers your home a rugged, natural appearance while maintaining ease of installation, versatility, and the ability to perform maintenance and replacements quickly and painlessly. Crane Siding shake comes in the following varieties: Portsmouth T45, Portsmouth Staggered Edge, natural, and cedar shingles.

Trim Types

In addition to your selection of material type and aesthetic style, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of trim types for your windows, doors, and corners, as well as a variety of optional decorative trim. The finer details of your home’s appearance can be shaped wholly through decisions on trim, with two homes using the same basic Crane Siding looking wildly different once trim installation is complete. Be sure to fully explore your options.

Professional Crane Siding Installation in Richmond, VA

It’s important to choose the right siding for your home and your goals; at Total Remodeling Systems our entire focus is always on helping our clients find the quality products and services they deserve! Whether you’re interested in Crane Siding products, or you’re looking for an experienced Virginia home remodeling contractor to help you pick the right solution for your home, we’re always happy to oblige.

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