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Curved Eave Solariums in Northern VA & the Richmond Area


Curved Eave Solarium in Northern VA

Soak Up the Sun in a Solarium

There is something unique about curves in architecture. Natural light and simple symmetry create a peaceful and relaxing environment, which is why many people enjoy curved eave solarium designs. The elegance and timelessness of our curved sunrooms and solariums naturally please the eye and add luxury to your Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland home.

Curved eave solariums are meant to be a continuance of your home, both inside and out. On the outside of your home, the curved eave glass is specifically designed so that the solarium seamlessly connects to your home’s roofline, creating a sleek, finished look. These sunroom designs are a great way to expand your home in an energy-saving manner. This means you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors from inside your home year-round without the worry of heating and cooling bills.

To learn more about curved eave solariums and schedule a consultation in the Richmond area, contact us online or call 1-877-309-8445 today!

Curved Eave Solarium Design Ideas in MD, VA & WV

Curved Eave Solarium in Northern VA

With different sunroom and solarium models to choose from, Total Remodeling Systems makes it easy to match the glass enclosure you desire to the style of your home. For homeowners seeking a glass enclosure with a warmer and more natural feel, a curved eave sunroom or solarium with wood interiors may be the solution. For those looking to add a more modern glass enclosure, consider a curved eave sunroom or solarium with an aluminum frame. Aluminum provides a sleek, contemporary feel that will flow with your home’s existing lines.

Whether you have a stunning water view on the Shenandoah River, or you’re tucked away in the Valley, we are here to walk you from your initial design consultation all the way to the most final stages of your project’s completion. There is a lot to love about adding a sunroom to your home. Enclosing your deck and creating a three season room or screen enclosure allows homeowners to enjoy outdoor living from their own shaded, indoor paradise.

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Ready to get started on your curved eave solarium project? The cost of remodeling a home can be daunting, but Total Remodeling Systems is proud to offer discount programs for both military service members and seniors to help make home improvement costs affordable.

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