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Garden Windows


If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in, Total Remodeling Systems garden windows are a favorite choice. This replacement window option’s unique design extends beyond the exterior wall of your home further than bay or bow windows, creating a greenhouse-like box. This construction allows for plenty of natural light and also creates a spacious seat board, which is perfect for displaying plants or other decorative items. With a wide variety of customization options, these windows create a beautiful indoor oasis in your Wisconsin home during any season.


Typically consisting of four windows, the glass panes create a box that mimics a three-sided miniature greenhouse space with a deep ledge and tilted top pane. Although the construction can consist of all fixed windows, it is popular to have a combination of fixed and awning windows to draw in both light and air. Usually the venting window will be in the center with fixed styles on each side and the top. It is operated by a hand crank that can be easily reached over the deep ledge.


  • One-of-a-kind shape brings in maximum natural light
  • Optional awning option lets in fresh air
  • Large spaceboard makes room for plants or other décor
  • Plentiful design variations allows you to get creative and make your space uniquely yours
  • Sloped top glass component is insulated and tempered for durability
  • Energy efficient construction and installation

Total Remodeling Systems series garden windows are a fantastic opportunity to enhance any room’s view and bring an element of the outdoors inside. Regardless of unpredictable Wisconsin weather, you can maintain your own miniature greenhouse year-long. The unique architecture creates dimension and depth to any room and Total Remodeling Systems experienced installation team ensures your investment is properly installed and ready to last a lifetime.


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