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HardiePlank Siding in Richmond, VA

Looking to upgrade the siding on your home? Whether you’re remodeling to solve issues of aging siding, inefficient brickwork, low energy efficiency, or pests, it’s important to choose the right siding for your home and goals. Total Remodeling Systems offers a full selection of James Hardie HardiePlank lap siding and other Hardie siding products to help match the perfect product to your home.

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James Hardie Siding

James Hardie’s HardiePlank products are an industry staple in modern construction, pioneering new technologies and aesthetics in siding. Ask a designer, contractor, or home aesthetics expert about siding, and James Hardie is going to make every short list of brands to consider.

HardiePlank Siding

Hardie siding products all utilize fiber cement board siding, a high-end alternative to traditional vinyl siding and more modern insulated vinyl. The list of pros for these premium siding products is endless; cement board is extremely durable, being fireproof, waterproof, pest resistant, and low-maintenance.

Fiber cement board is also a green product for the environmentally concerned, produced with a smaller carbon footprint than vinyl and zero off-gassing of carbon dioxide, recycled materials, and a reduced demand for paint and other worrisome upkeep products.

For product pricing, expect prices similar to, but higher than, comparable vinyl siding products. Installation costs may be higher due to various handling concerns which make the heavy fiber cement boards require greater caution and manpower to install.

The product comes in a number of styles and categories, most notably the following.


The basic HardiePlank style is designed for a simple aesthetic with long-lasting color and minimal maintenance required. Statement line products are available in either Smooth, a simple solid color aesthetic, or Cedarmill, softly textured siding that imitates the appearance of wood in a variety of natural and painted colors.

Primed for Paint

The other basic product line for HardiePlank siding, Primed for Paint, offers Smooth, Cedarmill, and the contemporary Beaded variants of each with finer textures and a high-quality finish. If you’re willing to invest in painting to keep your siding looking its best, this is the collection you’ll want to consider.

Custom Colonial

This collection of products offers HardiePlank quality in the style of traditional Dutch lap siding, with styles including Rough Sawn Colonial wood-imitating siding and a simple Smooth variant. If you’ve ever admired the intricacy of historical Dutch siding installations, now you can have that aesthetic combined with the durability, ease of installation, low cost, and energy efficiency of modern fiber cement board siding.

If HardiePlank siding isn’t the right choice, be sure to consider the full line of James Hardie siding solutions, including shingles, vertical siding, HardieSoffit panels, trim boards, and more. There’s a high-quality product line to match any home design or aesthetic.

HardiePlank Siding Services in Metro DC & Virginia

The right siding can transform a house from drab to magnificent overnight, while adding protection against the elements and improved energy efficiency. Make sure you’re making the right choice for your needs and wishes by working with Total Remodeling Systems to select the perfect fit—and have it installed exactly to spec.

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