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LifeRoom Patio Enclosures in Richmond & Northern VA

One of the great pleasures of homeownership is living an indoor and outdoor lifestyle on your own private property. This dream is easily accomplished with a brand-new LifeRoom from Total Remodeling Systems.

A LifeRoom is a rediscovery and grand improvement of the sunroom or screened-in porch. These outdoor view areas have been redefined as a LifeRoom that will add vitality, comfort, and pleasure to your home. A LifeRoom is not just a room—it is an experience!

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Why Install a LifeRoom Patio Enclosure in Your Richmond Home?

When you choose to add a LifeRoom to your Richmond home, you will be able to create and control the atmosphere and climate with high-tech capabilities. LifeRooms offer many benefits, including:

  • Custom Lighting Design: Complete your look with LED mood lighting that is strategically placed to illuminate each retractable screen.
  • Custom Designs: LifeRooms allow you to create a custom space that is designed for the specific needs of your family, while adhering to HOA guidelines.
  • Soft Breeze Technology: You can expect temperature controlling features with a cool mist in the summer and warmth in winter.
  • High-Tech Systems: Enjoy privacy, sound, and mood remote control adjusters.
  • Cool Mist Climate System: Reduce room temperature by up to 40 degrees immediately—even in the most humid conditions—by dispersing ultra-fine mist droplets that disappear almost immediately by means of “flash evaporation.”
  • Motorized Screens: LifeRooms feature remote-controlled screens, blinds, and/or glass windows. Enjoy silently operated motorized screens that offer the necessary protection from the sun, wind, and pests.
  • Easy Installation:  LifeRooms allow you to use your existing deck or concrete patio. While other types of rooms can require messy construction work, Total Remodeling Systems can build a LifeRoom right on top of your existing patio.
  • And more!

Give Total Remodeling Systems a call today at  1-877-309-8445 to schedule your LifeRoom remodeling consultation today! 

LifeRoom in Northern VA & Richmond
LifeRoom in Northern VA & Richmond

Get an Affordable, Trouble-Free Remodel for Your LifeRoom

Adding a LifeRoom to your home is an affordable, hassle-free home remodeling project. When your LifeRoom project is designed, managed, and built by a local home remodeling expert, you can expect a quick turnaround and an efficient, organized workspace. In just a few short days, you’ll be free to enjoy the extra space in your home!

Some homeowners ask, “Is a remodeling project worth the money?” and we say yes! With a LifeRoom addition, you’ll add square footage to your home, thus adding resale value in the future. Unlike redoing your basement, however, you get more than square footage—you get an ever-changing scenery and outdoor experience year-round.

Give Total Remodeling Systems a call today at  1-877-309-8445 to schedule your LifeRoom remodeling consultation today! 

LifeRoom by the Pool in Northern VA & Richmond
LifeRoom by the Pool in Northern VA & Richmond

Why Choose Total Remodeling Systems for LifeRoom Design & Installation?

Your Northern Virginia Home Addition Experts

When you choose Total Remodeling Systems to design and handcraft your LifeRoom addition, you receive:

  • Expert LifeRoom design
  • A skilled, licensed, and insured construction team
  • An efficient, well-managed construction project
  • A budget-friendly room addition
  • Building-code-compliant work
  • Construction systems from well-known brands
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Eco-friendly construction practices

Install a LifeRoom in Richmond, Fairfax, or a Surrounding Northern VA Area

Learn more about adding life to your home, with a new LifeRoom addition in Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Get the charm of a screened porch, with the four-season usability of a sunroom.

Call 1-877-309-8445 for your free estimate now. Contact your LifeRoom contractors at Total Remodeling Systems today!

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