LifeRoom Patio Enclosures in Northern VA

One of the great pleasures of homeownership is living an indoor and outdoor lifestyle on your own private property. This dream is easily accomplished with a brand new LifeRoom from Total Remodeling Systems.

A LifeRoom is a rediscovery and grand improvement of the sunroom or screened-in porch. These outdoor view areas have been redefined as a LifeRoom that will add vitality, comfort, and pleasure to your home. A LifeRoom is not just a room—it is an experience!

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Why Install a LifeRoom Patio Enclosure in Your Richmond Home?

When you choose to add a LifeRoom to your Richmond home, you will be able to create and control the atmosphere and climate with high tech capabilities, like:

  • Temperature controlling features with a cool mist in the summer and warmth in winter
  • Customizable lighting design
  • Privacy, sound, and mood remote control adjusters
  • Remote controlled screens, blinds, and/or glass windows
  • And more!

LifeRoom in Northern VA

Get an Affordable, Trouble-Free Remodel for Your LifeRoom

Adding a LifeRoom to your home is an affordable, hassle-free home remodeling project. When your LifeRoom project is designed, managed, and built by a local home remodeling expert, you can expect a quick turnaround and an efficient, organized workspace. In just a few short days, you’ll be free to enjoy the extra space in your home!

Some homeowners ask, “is a remodeling project worth the money?” and we say, yes! With a LifeRoom addition, you’ll add square footage to your home, thus adding resale value in the future. Unlike redoing your basement, however, you get more than square footage—you get an ever-changing scenery and outdoor experience year-round.

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LifeRoom with a View in Northern VA

Why Choose Total Remodeling Systems?

Your Northern Virginia Home Addition Experts

When you choose Total Remodeling Systems to design and handcraft your LifeRoom addition, you receive:

  • Expert LifeRoom design
  • A skilled, licensed, and insured construction team
  • An efficient, well-managed construction project
  • A budget-friendly room addition
  • Building-code-compliant work
  • Construction systems from well-known brands
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Eco-friendly construction practices

Install a LifeRoom in Richmond, Fairfax, or a Surrounding Northern VA Area

Learn more about adding life to your home, with a new LifeRoom addition in Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Get the charm of a screened porch, with the four-season usability of a sunroom.

Call 1-877-309-8445 for your free estimate now. Contact your LifeRoom contractors at Total Remodeling Systems today!

LifeRoom by the Pool in Northern VA

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