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Screened Porch in Northern VA


A Total Remodeling Systems screen enclosure can serve many different purposes, from surrounding your swimming pool to covering your deck. No matter the function, screen enclosures have a variety of benefits that Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland homeowners will appreciate at installation and for years to come. Whether you are looking to eliminate annoying insects near Lake Holiday or expand your living space, screen enclosures are an affordable way to transform the outdoors into your home’s sheltered, open-air haven.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors but don’t like the pests that come with it, a screen enclosure is a quick and reasonable solution. They expand your home’s usable living space to your deck so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to swat away mosquitoes, wasps, horse flies and other insects.

Screen enclosures also shelter you and your deck from the weather. Harsh, hot UV rays are enough to make anyone want to stay inside, even on the most beautiful days. With a Screen Enclosure, you can enjoy the gorgeous, sunny days from your shady retreat instead of staying inside. On the flip side, they are a great shelter for people who love to watch the rain. Enjoy the rain as if you are outside, without getting wet.

In addition to protecting you, they also protect your patio. Harsh weather like extreme heat, rain and snow can damage your patio and whatever is on it, such as furniture. Screen enclosures help shelter your patio from the elements. At Total Remodeling Systems, our enclosures are built with an aluminum structure that is specifically designed with strength and durability in mind to endure the wildest weather.


The great thing about screen enclosures is their flexibility. Just as an enclosure protects you from weather, insects and other outdoor elements, it protects your pool from the same things. Choosing an enclosure for your swimming pool can help you avoid costly swimming pool repairs each year. This is because the screens protect your pool from items that can potentially damage your swimming pool. Pool enclosures also keep out leaves and debris which means you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

Our enclosures are available in a variety of designs and can be customized to match your home’s style. Whether you are looking to increase the functionality of your deck or want to protect your pool, consider Total Remodeling Systems!

Total Remodeling Systems is proud to stand behind our home remodeling projects because we are confident in our quality products, our experienced, professional craftsman and design work. We offer product warranties, free consultations, financing programs and both senior and military service discounts. Learn more about our commitment to exceptional quality and satisfied customers by contacting Total Remodeling Systems today!