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Solariums in Northern VA & the Richmond Area

Solariums in Winchester, Richmond & the Surrounding Areas

Solarium in Northern VA

What Is a Solarium?

Very similar to a sunroom, a solarium is a room addition made largely of glass to drench your home with sunlight and all the splendors of nature. Take in as much or as little of the sun as you’d like with a solarium in Winchester or the surrounding Virginia areas.

Designed with warmth and comfort in mind, solarium sunrooms are great for taking in the pleasures of a typical summer. For over 30 years, Four Seasons Sunrooms has been building amazing conservatories for thousands of people across Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Extensive research has gone into the thermal technology you see in each and every one of Total Remodeling Systems’ solariums.

Why Should I Build a Solarium at My Home in Northern VA?

The solarium was brought to America with the wave of passive solar technology. This technology, built into all Four Seasons windows and conservatories, is a great way for people to help heat their homes. Four Seasons Sunrooms and Total Remodeling Systems continue to be at the forefront of technological advances to help homeowners just like you get the comfort you want at a reasonable cost.

Imagine yourself soaking in a beautiful summer day, protected by the environment of your home. Enjoy nature at its finest when you choose a Four Seasons solarium in Winchester, Richmond, or a surrounding Northern Virginia city. Greet each morning with all there is to see each day. Enjoy unrestricted views of Lake Ana, endless scenes of fall colors in Frederick County, or the beautiful water views at Lake Holiday.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Fairfax, Richmond, Henrico, Vienna, McLean, or Winchester; home is where the heart is, and a solarium completes any home. Relax with peace of mind, knowing that your Four Seasons solarium is built to withstand any harsh conditions the weather can throw its way.

Schedule a Design Consultation for Your Solarium in Winchester, Richmond, Fairfax, or Northern VA

To learn more about any of these room addition designs, the benefits of working with Total Remodeling Systems, our craftsmanship, and our commitment to customer service, please get in touch with us. Total Remodeling Systems serves you — Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland — with the most complete line of spectacular home additions. From Frederick County all the way to Richmond — including Alexandria, Fairfax, Ashland, Leesburg, Baltimore, Chesterfield, and Fredericksburg — our experienced team can help you add the solarium of your dreams.

FAQs About Solarium Sunrooms

Do you have questions about solarium sunrooms in Winchester, Richmond, or Fairfax? Check out these common questions and answers from the Total Remodeling Systems team.

What is the difference between a sunroom and a solarium?

Sunrooms and solariums perform similar functions, but a sunroom has a roof like the home it comes with and windows that do not reach floor to ceiling. Solariums, on the other hand, are freestanding rooms with glass roofs and walls. While they may attach to the home, the roof does not connect from the home to the solarium, and these units can stand on their own.

Is a sunroom a good investment?

Homeowners often recoup about half the cost of a sunroom with a return on investment. Adding value to the home and improving the function of your home are some reasons to consider investing in a sunroom or solarium.

Do sunrooms or solarium sunrooms need a foundation?

Sunrooms and solariums can be built on concrete slabs similar to garages. These will have a shallow foundation, but not a full foundation like a home. It is uncommon to find a sunroom built on a basement or crawl space.

Can a sunroom be built onto an existing deck?

Yes, using the deck to create the base for a sunroom is often a great way to maximize the space you have. The deck framing and foundation likely already meet the building code for the home, so the contractor can avoid this step and the expense it brings. Adding a sunroom on an existing deck can also help the project get completed more quickly.

What are the benefits of a sunroom or solarium?

Adding a sunroom or solarium to your home adds function to your Northern Virginia home and makes it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor living areas. The large amounts of glass, particularly on solarium sunrooms, lets you enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is too cold or rainy to spend time outside. Sunrooms and solarium sunrooms can also add value to your home.

Install a solarium in Winchester, Richmond, or elsewhere in Northern Virginia today! Contact us online or call 1-877-309-8445 for a free consultation and to learn more about our discount programs and financing options.


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