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Sunroom Glass Re-Glazing in Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia

Is your sunroom comfortable, or does it get too hot when the sun is shining in? In the winter, is it comfortable, or drafty? Has your sunroom suffered damage that needs to be replaced? Sunroom re-glazing services from Total Remodeling Systems is the solution you need. With our re-glazing services, your sunroom can become a comfortable, usable space in your home, with more efficient windows for you to enjoy.

Sunroom glass re-glazing is an easy, effective way to make your sunroom more comfortable. Are you curious about this service? For help in VA, WV, and MD, call 1-877-309-8445 or contact us online for help.

What Is Sunroom Glass Re-Glazing?

In order to understand sunroom glass re-glazing, you must first understand glazing. Window glazing is a manufacturing process that uses gas inserts, multiple panes of glass, or protective coatings to make the glass more energy efficient. Window glazing is often used to create full walls of windows, because it provides greater protection from the elements.

Window glazing is commonly used in sunrooms, because full walls and ceilings of windows require the energy and UV protection of window glazing. Sometimes, the glass needs to be changed. This may be because it has weathered or it may be because it is broken. It may also be due to inefficient glass in the original design. Changing the glass in the window is a process known as re-glazing, and it’s not as simple as just sticking a new pane of glass inside the hole. A qualified re-glazer like Total Remodeling Systems will ensure that the windows remain energy efficient and UV resistant.

Benefits of Window Re-Glazing for Your Sunroom

Why should you consider investing in window re-glazing for your sunroom? Your sunroom’s windows may not provide enough protection from the weather or may be inefficient due to poor insulation properties. If you’re experiencing uncomfortable temperatures in your sunroom, it may be because of the windows. By investing in re-glazing, you will enjoy:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Windows that have glazing are better insulators. This helps less heat to get transferred into the sunroom and causes less heat loss in the winter, so your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard.
  • Reduced UV Exposure – Window glazing uses specialized coatings to minimize UV exposure. Window re-glazing will ensure your family is protected.
  • Improved Temperature – Glazed windows help keep the temperature inside your sunroom comfortable all year long.

Discuss Window Re-Glazing With the Experienced Team at Total Remodeling Systems

Total Remodeling Systems is your sunroom expert. We offer re-glazing services for sunrooms in Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, with specially designed glass that is efficient and UV resistant. Our techniques ensure proper temperature control and interior protection for your sunroom, so you can enjoy it in full comfort.

If you have damage to your sunroom windows or want them to be more efficient, call 1-877-309-8445 to discuss our window re-glazing services. Let us help you make your sunroom more efficient. You can also reach out online to discuss this important service.


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